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The H.E. Francis Short Story Competition, co-sponsored by the Ruth Hindman Foundation and the English Department at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, is pleased to announce the results of the 2013-2014 contest.

Our winner is  Sandra Hunter, of Simi Valley, California

for her story: “Against the Stranger”

Our finalists:

Joe Neal, Ithaca, New York     “Rooms are subject to inspection at any given time”

Patricia Brieschke, Waccabuc, New York    “Hearts of Fire”

Doug Crandell, Douglasville, GA     “Silver Silo Beyond”

Conner McDonough, Tampa FL    “Homecoming”

Allison Alsup, New Orleans, LA     “Move on, Move on”

Kelly Grogan, Santa Barbara CA      “Home”

Kate Lister Campbell, Brooklyn, NA   “Free Swim”

James Reed, Omaha, NE      “Long Past Time”

Tori Malcangio, San Diego, CA     “You lose, Archibald”

Jude Whelchel, Asheville, NC     “Mother in a Boneyard World”


Special mention:

Dan Gemmer

Jessica Barksdale

Emmet Hirsch

Frank Robinson

Goldie Goldbloom


We thank each and every person who submitted a story. We received hundreds of beautifully written works. We are grateful to have had such fine literature to read, throughout the past several months of judging. Your words and images and characters will stay with us always.