Enter by Janurary 15, 2015
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The winner of the 2015 H.E. Francis Short Story Competition is 

Jeremy Kamps of San Francisco for his story, "The Source of Everything"

The finalists (in alphabetical order) are

Jenna Cohen for "Stand Clear". 
Daniel Faine for "The Shah"
Helen Morris for "LOL"
Jonathan Reilly for "Don't Spit on the Railway"
Bob Saul for "Lucky"
Jill Sexsmith for "The End of the World"

The semifinalists are:

Eric Boyd for "Wayward"
Jane Eaton Hamilton for "The Storm Chaser"
Rami Nashashibi for "A Rising Fall"
Sasha Sedan for "Dots of Red in a Seasonal Glory"
Robert Shuster for "Scenes from a Life of Sport"
Evelyn Walsh for "Potion"

We send heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of writers from all over the world who entered our competition. Reading your work was truly a joy. 

We also convey our gratitude to all of you for bearing with a flawed website. It will be functioning smoothly for the 2016 competition. 

This site will be dormant from May 15 until December 1 when we we will begin to accept stories ahead of the January 15 2016 deadline.