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We are taking a one-year hiatus. There will be no 2016 H.E. Francis Short Story Competition.  

Please do not email or mail us any stories. They will remain unread. We wish you great luck at other literary competitions.

In future years....Why Should You Submit Your Work to THIS Competition?

All stories submitted to the Competition receive at least two independent readings by an all-volunteer panel of accomplished and enthusiastic writers and readers. In order that novel, experimental, literary and general fiction are all read with equal interest, our readers include not only established fiction and non-fiction writers and academics, but also an eclectic collection of accomplished professionals, drawn from fields as widely separated as graphic arts, clinical psychology, medicine, accounting and field biology. What our readers have in common is just that: they are readers, inveterate, voracious readers. Working on a strictly volunteer basis, our readers accept no recompense and no recognition for their work. They read for The Competition because they love fiction, all kinds of fiction.